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Here is a story of a man who had an terrible holiday: The first thing that went wrong was that the country we were going to decided to have a war a few days before we were going there. So that was the end of that. But the plane we were going on was stopping […]

Lord George Gordon Byron

Lord George Gordon Byron (1788—1824) was as famous in his lifetime for his personality cult as for his poetry. He created the concept of the 'Byronic hero' — a defiant, melancholy young man, brooding on some mysterious, unforgivable event in his past. Byron's influence on European poetry, music, novel, opera, and painting has been immense, although […]

A scientist of genius

A SCIENTIST OF GENIUS Mykola Pirogov was called a scientist of genius even in his lifetime. His career as a researcher, excellent surgeon and clinician was tempestuous. At 18, he graduated from Moscow University; at 22, he became a Doctor of Science; at 26, he was a Professor at Derpt (now Tartu) University, one of […]

The State Flag of Ukraine

The State Flag of Ukraine Various types of flags were used in various periods of Ukrainian history. The earliest mention of the modern national colors of Ukraine dates back to the period of Hetman State and is found in the Lviv Chronicle of the 17th century. Supposedly, the coat of arms of the city of […]